Hey, guys. Me here. For the last time. That’s right, the last time. 

My parents know. Dunno how long they’ve known, but they know and I am to be gone from here. Probably won’t be back.

It’s been a good time. Thanks for being here, even though you are all Internet predators.


My dad caught me putting the computer away, and came to ask me why I was hiding it. What was I supposed to tell him? That the reason I don’t complaint very much to them is because I stay up late writing out my feelings as they truly are. So I lied. Told him I was working on something I wasn’t ready to share with him yet. So I suppose it was just a half-truth, not the full story, whatever you call it. I wish I could take the computer with me, though. Not writing over the whole stupid weekend is going to kill me, and just as I got on a roll. Stupid.

i want to rant about how excited i am, even just by writing the premise to this stupid ficlet, but SHERA IS ONLINE AND ACTIVE AND SHE WOULD SEE IT AND AUTOMATICALLY KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT even though - let’s face it - she knows me pretty well, me and my little safety bubbles, and she probably knows *exactly* what i’m doing anyway



My Wicked fan arts
Finally done with the first act! ^^


how come it’s cool for snakes to spit venom and unhinge their jaw to swallow people whole, but when i do it, i’m the “antichrist” and i need an “exorcism”?


"can you tell everyone that dinner is ready?"



I’m considering dropping choir in favor of continuing art next year. Choir’s really been putting a strain on my voice - to the point of constantly losing it which terrifies me - and art…well, I discovered oil paints today. So that was a good thing.

I just…I dunno. I’m rather nervous about it, really. Ha.


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